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Helping you add value to your products and services

Abdou A.B. Njie

ABDOU A.B NJIE - B. Sc. (Hons) Econs, Adv. Dip Agric. Econs.
Managing Director


Mr. Njie holds a B.Sc. Honours degree in Economics and a post-graduate diploma in Agricultural Economics, and has had a varied and accomplished public service career.

He is a former Governor of the Central Bank of The Gambia, and prior to that appointment, he served as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Economic Planning and Industrial Development (MEPID). He served as lead Economic Adviser to the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs on monetary and macroeconomic issues and was partly instrumental in the introduction of a flexible exchange rate system, a necessary ingredient for enhanced private sector development and macroeconomic stability.

Over his twenty-five year professional career at MEPID and the Central Bank of the Gambia, Mr. Njie was fully involved in research, formulation and the implementation of monetary and macroeconomic policies. He was also fully involved in the design, appraisal, negotiation and execution of development projects and directly involved in contract management and procurement systems.

As former Permanent Secretary of MEPID, Mr. Njie has over ten years experience in investment promotion. He also served as a Project Coordinator of the First Urban Management and Development Project, and has over the years built up expertise in management, especially in the area of institutional development and human resource management.

Mr. Njie is familiar with matters at governmental and multilateral institutional level given the fact that he served as Alternate Governor at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and Adviser to the African Development Bank (ADB), and Islamic Development Bank (IDB) for over ten years.

Since joining SIMI at its inception, Mr. Njie has been instrumental in the successful completion of numerous projects and assignments. Thus, he has been involved in projects such as impact assessment studies, policy analysis and formulation, feasibility studies, capacity building, and small and medium enterprise development. Mr. Njie’s involvement in these projects varied from serving as a lead consultant, to providing key expertise to help in the successful completion of the projects. Mr. Njie is also actively involved in a variety of community-oriented activities, especially in the fields of education and sports.

Helping you add value to your products and services
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