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Helping you add value to your products and services

Corporate Divisions

SIMI is a well-established and diversified company that provides a variety of services through its various Corporate Divisions, namely:

Sa Hel Investment and Management Consulting (SIMC)

SIMC is a leading consultancy in The Gambia, and indeed in the sub-region. As SIMI’s consulting arm, SIMC provides investment and management consultancy services to the private sector, public agencies and enterprises, as well as international development agencies. SIMC consultancy services are in areas as diverse as market and commodity research, export market surveys, and private sector development strategies. In project development and management, SIMC conducts feasibility studies, prepares operational manuals (including procurement manuals), and conducts evaluations and impact assessment studies.

Senegambia Maritime Company (SMC)

SMC, a subsidiary of SIMI, was incorporated on February 2, 2001, as a successor to Sahel River Transport Agency (SARTA), to gradually revitalise public confidence in sea and river passenger transport services, by improving standards of service and comfort to induce the travelling public to return to that mode of travelling and movement of goods.

SMC will begin with some specific goals, such as improving employee courtesy and service to the public; offer reliable performance using better maintained equipment; and issue accurate information to travellers.

River transportation is critical to the sustainable development of the Gambia’s economy, hence, increased utilisation of the river should considerably enhance the movement of passengers and cargo, thus providing market access for agricultural produce and contribute to poverty alleviation.

Sa Hel Quality Management Institute (SQMI)

SQMI (formerly Enterprise Development Institute) is a leading quality training and development institute in The Gambia. It provides training for quality management, and is well utilised by public enterprises and agencies, and the private sector. Current plans are to build on the solid reputation of SQMI, and develop it into a regional quality-management training institute.

Sa Hel Invest Mutual Fund (SIMF)

The Sa Hel Invest Mutual Fund (SIMF) is one of the few mutual funds in The Gambia, and presently has a few individual and institutional subscribers. However, it will soon be opened to additional subscribers in order to offer investors an opportunity to invest in viable, low-risk, and safe investment opportunities in The Gambia. This will be especially timely, given that there is no stock exchange in the country. SIMF is one of the few avenues for participating in the local equity market.

In addition to the existing Corporate Divisions listed above, SIMI plans to launch two additional Divisions in the near future. These are mainly aimed at meeting increasing demands for financial and industrial development services, and exploiting opportunities created by increased globalisation, and regional trade. Thus, SIMI will create the following new Divisions:

Sa Hel Invest Finance Fund (SIFF)

The Sa Hel Invest Finance Fund (SIFF) will be a non-bank financial institution that will serve as a trust and wholesale fund to micro-finance institutions. This way, SIMI will be able to help the development of the micro-finance industry in The Gambia by providing micro-finance institutions with trust funds they can use to provide retail credit services to their customers and members. A licence for the operation of SIFF has been applied for, and is being processed. It is expected that SIFF will be able to start operations in early 2004.

Sa Hel Industrial Development Enterprise (SIDE)

In response to increasing globalisation in general and trade between India and Africa in particular, Sa Hel has launched a subsidiary company called Sa Hel Industrial Development Enterprise (SIDE) to bring appropriate technology from India to the Gambia. SIDE will focus on agro-industrial projects that will help Gambian small and medium enterprises add value to primary agricultural products, thereby increase export earning and import substitution and help reduce poverty in the Gambia. It is anticipated that SIDE projects will be sharing examples of South-South Cooperation and appropriate technology transfer to help accelerate the Gambia’s industrial development.

Helping you add value to your products and services
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