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SAIHOU OMAR SALLAH - B.Sc. (in Education) M.Sc. (Voc Tech Ed)
Project Coordinator - Sahel Industrial Development Enterprises
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Mr. Sallah’s expertise and vast experience in the area of renewable energy was accumulated over a period of twenty years as Director of the Gambia Renewable Energy Central and the Director of Energy at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment. Mr. Sallah’s portfolio and responsibilities in these agencies were mainly in the area of research, development, promotion of renewable energy technologies, energy policy formulation, implementation of energy programmes and enforcement of energy sector legislation at the level of the Department of State.

Other related experiences include:

? Coordinator: UNCDF Solar Project for health and telecom installations and monitoring of solar lighting system for Rural Health Centres
? Coordinator Regional solar, programme, the Gambia Coordinate the installation of photovoltaic systems for rural communities for lighting and refrigeration of vaccines in VET sub-stations.
? Coordinator - Review of Policies in the traditional energy sector.

As one time Managing Director of Agric Energy Systems Ltd. which specialises in the importation and marketing of Renewable Energy Systems, Mr. Sallah has participated in several consultancy services on conventional energy systems as well as renewable energy technologies. Mr. Sallah was the Chairman – Board of Directors of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) in 1999 for three years. He is also a member of various international and regional solar energy societies. Mr. Sallah has participated in several international seminars and meetings on new and renewable energy including 2nd World Renewable Energy Congress in 1992.



Helping you add value to your products and services
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