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Preparation of a Trade and Export Diversification Policy for the Government of the Gambia, sponsored by UNDP for the Round Table Donors Conference for the Gambia.

Preparation of the Gambia Environment Action Plan Phase II.

Elaboration of an Integrated Sports Policy for the Government of the Gambia.

National Sports Policy and Action Plan (Department of State for Youth and Sports).

National Employment Policy and Action Plan – UNDP, ILO and Government of the Gambia (November 2000).

Divestiture Programme – Redundancy and Compensation Framework
Formulation of the Gambia’s National Energy Policy and Action Plan.

Export Promotion Development Strategy and Action Plan.

Gambia Public Procurement Authority

Formulation - SME Development Policy

Development and Implementation of Revenue Improvement Action Plan For Local Government Authorities – Gamworks Agency

The National Policy and Strategy Paper for Micro-finance Development in The Gambia

Government of the Gambia – Poverty Reduction with Growth - A Medium Term Plan for Development in the Context of Vision 2020.

Prepared a Needs Assessment Study and elaborated the conditions of service and the role of National United Nations Volunteers for operationalisation in the Gambia under the auspices of the UNDP.

Prepared a study on the Pay and Grading Policy of Public Enterprises for the Government of the Gambia.

Financial Sector Studies – The Gambia (1999)

Study on Commercialisation of Sesame in the Gambia Catholic Relief Services (CRS – October 1998.)

The Gambia Free Zone Development Strategy (Trade Gateway Free Zone Initiative). In partnership with IDI (June 2000).

Central Revenue Department - Capacity Building Study (April 2000).

Legal Sector Study – Capacity Building - Commissioned by World Bank – Gambia Government (August 2000).

Study on Local Consultancy and Remuneration scheme – EC Support Unit Office.

The Gambia Interface Capacity Building Project for the Private Sector and Civil Society – DOSTIE.

Study on the Restructuring of the Indigenous Business Advisory Services

Privatisation – Study on Private Sector Participation and Regulation Framework for the Gambia

Study On Private Sector Participation And The Regulatory Framework For The Gambia. In partnership with The Institute For Public-Private Partnerships (IP3).

Involvement of Civil Society Organisation in promoting, implementation and monitoring of EC Support under EDF 9TH Programme

Resource Mobilisation for Local Government Authorities – Gamworks Agency.

Human Resources Development Plan and Operational Manual – The Gambia National Olympic Committee.

Low/slow Disbursement – World Bank funded Projects in the Gambia

Prepared a comprehensive portfolio review of the Assets Management and Recovery Corporation, a debt collection agency, of the Government of the Gambia, including the preparation of its strategic plan.

Organisation Review and Pay & Grading Study – Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (November 2000).

Atlantic Hotel – Salary and Incentive Structure

Review of Salaries and Benefits for Senegambia Beach Hotel Staff.

Review of the 1999-2002 Strategic Plan of the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) and Formulation of a new Plan for the period – 2003-2006

Review of the Possible EC Support to the Private Sector under the 9th EDF Programme

Review of the Institutional Aspects of Water Resources Management (UNDP/Department of Water Resources)

Review of the Gambia’s First National Communication to the UNFCCC (UNDP/Department of Water Resources).

West African Examinations Council (WAEC) – Review of the Salaries and Incentives Structure
General Post Office – Review of Draft Postal Legislation

Baseline Survey for the capacity Building for Economic Management Project (CBEMP).

Baseline Assessment in Five Selected Villages – Managing Water and Energy Services for Poverty Eradication in the Rural Gambia – UNDESA.

Hired by the German Development Agency – GTZ and Protrade under technical assistance for the creation of New Products and Markets for the Gambian Fisheries into Germany under the European Unions Trade Development Project.

Customer Care Training for the Arab Gambia Islamic Bank: A Win-Win solution for both Customer and Service Provider. (September 1999).

Training in the Assessment of Infrastructure Needs and in the Maintenance of Municipal Assets – Gamworks Agency.

APDF/Gambia Bankers Association – Collaborative Training Programme – SME Credit Administration

Preparation of Job Descriptions for Major Functions &Development of Training Programme – First International Bank (Gambia) Ltd.

Micro Enterprise Organisation Training Manual

Preparation of the Project Operation Manual (POM) for a US$20 million World Bank financed Participatory Health, Population and Nutrition Project. The POM was described by the World Bank as a very professional and impressive document.

Preparation of a Project Implementation Manual for the Poverty Alleviation and Capacity Building Project and Second Public Works Project (May 1999).

GAMVET Limited – Introduction and Implementation of Accounting Systems and Procedures.

Project Operation Manual – Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zone Agency

Project Implementation Plan – Capacity Building for Economic Management Project.

Preparation of Financial Management Manual for Gambia Technical Training Institute

Preparation of a feasibility study for an Industrial Bread and Biscuits Factory for a private sector company, with financing arranged by us.

Prepared the feasibility study for the development of a five star luxury hotel in the Gambia, and assisted in the negotiations to secure financing for the Hotel Project, which is now in operation.

Prepared a Feasibility Study on the Manufacturing of Chalk and Exercise Books – GFCC School Supplies Inc. – commissioned by Africa Project Development Facility (APDF).

Vision Investment Company Ltd – Tackabat Hotel Project. – Feasibility undertaken on behalf of Africa Project Development Facility (APDF)

Kanifing Municipal Council – Project Document for the Leasing of Machinery and Equipment.

Gamwater Project - Project Document for Water Bottling Plant commissioned by APDF/FIB (September 2000).

Premium TV Network – Feasibility Study on the Establishment for a TV Station. Study commissioned by APDF/FIB.

Prepared a Feasibility Study on Soap and Detergent Production in the Gambia – Gamsoap Co. Ltd. Study commissioned by APDF (October 1999).

Paradise Suites Hotel Expansion

Feasibility study on the proposed hotel at the TDA

Feasibility study for a five star hotel – Salma Suites Hotel

Line of Credit to First International Bank

Feasibility Study for the Establishment of an Islamic Bank in Guinea-Bissau. Joint study with AGIB (July 2000).

Market Study fro Credit in The Gambia – Oikocredit

Project Proposal for the establishment of a Printing Press – Commissioned by Ultrasoft.

Sector Export Strategy Studies – Fisheries, Horticulture, Tourism and Manufacturing

Senegambia Maritime Company – Feasibility Study for Boat Project.

Feasibility Study – First Independent Industrial Zone.

Feasibility study for QuantumNet Co. Ltd

Mini Prospectus by private placement for Arab Gambia Islamic Bank

Business Plan for Gambia Agricultural Marketing Company (GAMCO)

Feasibility Study for Ascot Global Co. Ltd

Feasibility Study on the Expansion of Radville Farms Production and Marketing Operations

Impact Assessment Study of the Investment Component for GAMWORKS Agency – a US$12 million Public Works Capacity Building Project financed by World Bank.

Social Development Fund (SDF) Special sub-project (micro-finance credit) Effect Study.

Impact Assessment and Tracer Study of the National Youth Service Scheme (NYSS) commissioned by the Gambia Government/Poverty Programme – “Rights Against Social and Economic Exclusion” (FASE).

Impact Assessment Study of the Gambia’s Internet Initiative – UNDP.

PACAB Project Social and Economic Impact Assessment Studies

The Impact Assessment of the Growing Public Domestic Debt on The Gambian Economy - Discussion Paper.

Prepared the report on the Project Launch Workshop (Participatory Health Population and Nutrition Project).

Organised the Consultative Workshop on the New Divestiture Strategy for the Gambia – June 1999 and prepared a summary report. (Department of State for Finance and Economic Affairs.

Workshop Report – Official Launching of the Sensitisation Programme of the West African Common Countries

Serve as Consultant/Rapporteur for the Economic Summit jointly organised by the Gambia Government and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Workshop report on the Gateway Project – Mid Term Review

First Annual Conference – Gambia Association of Consultants

West African Association of Accountants

Helping you add value to your products and services
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