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Helping you add value to your products and services

What We Do


SIMI is an acknowledged pioneer and leader in local Gambian consultancy services. Since its establishment in 1997, SIMI has used its wealth of experience, and local knowledge to provide consultancy services of exceptional quality in The Gambia. SIMI’s consultancy services span a range of sectors such as feasibility and market studies, privatisation, impact assessment studies, capacity building, project design appraisal and management, as well as policy formulation and assessment.

Investment Management

SIMI also provides a variety of investment management services through the Sa Hel Invest Mutual Fund (SIMF). The fund provides the means for individual and institutional investors to participate in the Gambian equity market, since a stock exchange does not exist in the country. Thus, SIMF not only offers investors the opportunity to obtain good returns on their investments, it also provides a much-needed service to The Gambia’s nascent capital market. SIMI also provides additional investment management services such as portfolio management, equity fund management, mergers and acquisition services, as well as stock brokerage services.

Project Financing

The project financing services of SIMI are provided in partnership with local and international sources of funds and capital, for business development projects in The Gambia. Thus, SIMI serves as the antenna office of the Centre for Enterprise Development (CDE) of the European Union, and helps Gambian companies access EU funding for companies in ACP countries. Similarly, SIMI is the liaison of the US Exim Bank, First International Bank of Hartford, Connecticut under the Programme, and the Africa Project Development Facility (APDF - an arm of the International Finance Corporation, IFC, of the World Bank) to help Gambian companies and investors access capital and business development services from these organizations.

Business Enterprise Training

SIMI also provides business education programmes that are mainly focused on enterprise training. In particular, the enterprise training programme provides courses in such areas as customer care, and quality management.

Industrial Development

Since its inception, SIMI has been actively involved in a number of industrial development projects in The Gambia. Such involvement varied from providing consultancy services such as feasibility and market studies, to helping secure project financing from local and international sources. For example, SIMI was instrumental to the building of a water bottling plant in The Gambia, as well as the development of its first private industrial development zone, and its first Free Zone. In the near future, SIMI will work closely with Indian companies and partners to bring Indian appropriate technology (especially agro-industrial technology) to Africa, thereby helping alleviate poverty on the continent.

Helping you add value to your products and services
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